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A few weeks back I spent four days at our Village Press stand at the Food Show. I talked with and listened to literally hundreds of people who wanted to taste and buy our products. One thing I was surprised at more than anything was the sheer number of foodies that asked if you can use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking. The answer is yes, absolutely you can.

The reality is that you should be trying to cook with quality Extra Virgin Olive oil as often as possible. There are limits obviously when it comes to the likes of deep frying, which for most doesn’t make sense economically. Also, if you are if you are going to sear a steak at super-high heat, again an Avocado Oil might be a better option. You could also mix some EVOO with some AVO for the perfect combination of frying at heat with flavour.

As the father of two teenage boys, I cook all the meals for my family. Two years ago, I made a conscious decision to eliminate all hydrogenated vegetable oils out of my diet. I only cook with quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It has never let me down and I know its good for both me and my family. Beside my hob, I have a 1L bottle of Global Village ‘Spain’ for everyday cooking.  There’s always at least one flavoured option (usually two or three) nearby to add little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to a salad, roasted vegetables, or dinner on a plate. Don’t take it from me though; hear it from the professionals.

I have attached an article from the website ‘Great British Chefs’ which talks to this in more detail and with more credibility than a passionate home cook who works for an EVOO business!

Check out our range of products – all of which are perfect for cooking.

Enjoy cooking with EVOO and talk again soon.

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