Give A Gift This Year That Keeps on Giving and Celebrates Real Appreciation of The Important Things In Life

2021 has been another challenging year for us all, so what better way to show appreciation for your team, customers and anyone else you value, than gifting them some of the finest of nature’s true elixir, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the most delicious and healthiest products on the planet and is made to be shared with those you care about.

Let these products take centre stage on your recipient’s bench tops and tables over the Summer, as we can hopefully spend quality time with people we care about, around generous tables full of great food and drink, sprinkled with plenty of good banter. At Village Press we take great pride in bringing you what we think are some of the finest blends of Extra Virgin Olive Oil you will find, so we hope that you will take as much pride in sharing them with others.

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We wish you a safe and enjoyable Summer and Festive Season!

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Infused Gift Pack
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chilli with an exact balance of warmth and sweetness. Lift pasta, pizza, and chicken dishes. If adventurous, use it in your next chocolate cake or in a pan of brownies.

Garlic simplifies cooking – no hassle or mess! Adds depth of flavour to potatoes, pasta, and it’s superb for roasts.

Lemon Infused is a fresh vibrant blend. Ideal on fish, salads, and in baking. Drizzled over ice cream you have a whole new foodie experience.

10 to 199 gift packs – $18.95 per unit excl. GST
200+ gift packs – $15.90 per unit excl. GST

Mixed Gift Pack
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

First Press is a sublime blend of varieties, carefully selected to create an oil delicate in flavour. Perfect for everyday cooking.

Global Village Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mild, with a fruity and fresh character. Perfect for all types of cuisine, a pantry staple.

The luxury of black and white truffles infuses the goodness of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

10 to 199 gift packs – $18.95 per unit excl. GST
200+ gift packs – $15.90 per unit excl. GST

Luxury Gift Box
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Terra Sancta 500 ml is a limited edition oil, produced in a small batch each year It is a meticulous blend selected from the finest New Zealand extra virgin olive oils.

Garlic and Truffle Infused oils say luxury and richness, and both are winning compliments to Terra Sancta’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil All three of these special artisan blends are packaged in a beautiful black gift box.

24 to 199 gift packs – $39.90 per unit excl. GST
200+ gift packs – $35.90 per unit excl. GST

Important Information

Lead time is a minimum of one week for a smaller quantity from order date to shipping date. Large quantities of 240+ have a minimum lead time of three weeks.

Each carton contains six (6) gift packs. For larger orders, quantities of 204 or more, we ship cartons on a pallet.

Free delivery to your designated address.

The Luxury Gift Box You can customise with one different combination of two infused oils for order quantities greater than 300. Please contact us to place your customised order.

Infused or Mixed Gift Packs You can customise your 3 bottle offering if the order is for more than 240 gift packs Choose one combination from the six varietals offered in 250 ml bottles that will suit your clients/recipients. Please contact us to place your customised order.

Pricing excludes GST.

Payment to be completed prior to shipment.

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