Why EVOO: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nature's ancient elixir

Extra virgin olive oil is simply juice pressed from fresh olives. It is the only cooking oil produced without the use of chemical solvents or industrial refining.

Extra virgin olive oil contains more health-promoting properties than any other grade of oil making it a better choice for you and your loved ones.

The hallmarks of a good extra virgin olive oil can be categorised into fruitiness, bitterness and pungency.

The fruitiness should be reminiscent of fresh green or ripe olive with pleasant grassy notes and herbaceous character. Riper olives will produce oils with rich buttery and soft nutty notes.

The sign of a good oil is a bitterness on the tongue which is characterful of the fresh pressed fruit. Olives harvested early in the season tend to show a greater degree of bitterness giving the oil a satisfying bite.

Pungency is the peppery backbone of the oil and can range from mild through to intense depending on the type of olive varietal pressed and how ripe the olives were at pressing.