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Welcome to Global Village

Global Village is your trusted source of high quality extra virgin olive oil from our extended family around the world, perfect for everyday cooking at affordable pricing.

'The Village Press Standard' is what makes Global Village oils special. Global Village is the only oil crafted overseas by a New Zealand producer meaning it is made to specifications pioneered by The Village Press simply making it better.

Quality and versatility are the hallmarks of Global Village. Quality to us means ‘fresh’ and ‘delicious’. A pressing date and region will always be included on the label so you know how fresh your oil is and where the olives have been grown giving you confidence in your choice.

The secret is in the olives which have been selected from the best groves around the world. These groves have been painstakingly sought out in a bold effort to scour the planet for unsurpassed premium quality.

It is integral to our philosophy that everyone involved in crafting our oils cares deeply about freshness and taste. Our partners share our values: they are passionate, hardworking and focused on quality, and we consider them as part of The Village Press family.

You can now buy extra virgin olive oil from around the world in confidence.

Global Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spain
Global Village Range
A mild oil with delicate fruity and fresh character. Perfect for all types of cuisine, make this highly versatile extra virgin olive oil a cupboard staple.
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Global Village Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Spain
Global Village Range
This certified organic extra virgin olive oil is tasty and full of goodness. Notes of fresh green olive and hints of pepper will give a lift to all your cooking.
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