Mixed Gift Pack


The three Extra Virgin Olive Oils to win over the everyday cook who appreciates quality in their kitchen pantry or larder.  First Press is delightful and versatile, Global Village Spain has depth with pepper notes, and Truffle is simply a rich indulgence.



1 X FIRST PRESS 250ML:  A multipurpose blend of oils designed for everyday use.  It can be used in a wide range of dishes and salads, as a drizzle, or just for dunking fresh hot bread.
1 X GLOBAL VILLAGE SPAIN 250ML:  A mild oil with delicate fruity and fresh character.  Perfect for all types of cuisine, this highly versatile extra virgin olive oil is a cupboard staple.
1 X TRUFFLE INFUSED OLIVE OIL 250ML:  The luxury of truffles, with earthy tones, this oil lifts any dish, salad or risotto to a new level of indulgence.