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What is An EVOOngelist?

An EVOOngelist is someone like me. I LOVE Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and everything that it represents. Simply I’m an EVOO Evangelist! It is natural, real and like all fruit, has a huge range of varieties, flavours and uses. EVOO is packed full of health benefits that we all need. It is grown by passionate artisans that nurture the olive trees and olive groves that grow the fruit. Once harvested, it is pressed and packaged by those that respect where it has come from and what it should be. Finally, like a good bottle of wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil should take centre stage at any shared table where food and fun are to be had!

The EVOOngelist Blog

Sure, we import, harvest, press, blend and bottle some of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil you will find anywhere. Yes we would love you to buy some of our products we are so proud to produce. However, what this blog is about is how we can all improve our health, our meals and our lives by choosing to do small things every day.

The World Needs More EVOO!

The world in 2020 and 2021 has challenged so much of what we used to take for granted only 18 months ago. None more-so than when it comes to connecting with people we care about over great food and drink in places we enjoy other than our homes..!

It is also challenging our food system in many ways. How can we best eat for both, utility, sustainability, pleasure and for health, to give us the vitality we need to be at our best?  At the same time, how can we naturally build a robust and resilient immune system for whatever the ‘new normal’ holds in store.

The Village Press – Our Why

Here at The Village Press, we LOVE Extra Virgin Olive Oil and everything that it stands for. We firmly believe that a world with more quality EVOO in it will be a healthier and more social place. Think a long table surrounded by people you care about. Imagine the generous spread of real, wholesome food with delicious beverages to wash it all down with. Hear the noise of loud opinions, discussions and laughter. These are moments in our lives we would like more of I’m sure.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Nature’s Ancient Elixir

EVOO is one nature’s ancient elixirs, adored and used by people for thousands of years who have sought out its many mystical properties. The Olive branch is the universal symbol for peace, which is a big deal in itself. The Olive tree is revered for its fortitude and ability to crop such an incredible fruit. No wonder it is laden with such flavour and goodness. Something this special isn’t easy to get at. The trees makes you really work to extract their delicious and nutritious bounty.

What This Blog is About

So this blog will be about the Who, What, Where, How and Why of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil world. What makes it so special as a product and one of the healthiest on the planet? Where does it come from? Who grows it and processes it? Who has dedicated their lives to this product, both in New Zealand and from our partners around the world? How can you use EVOO more in your daily life?

We hope you find recipes, tips, stories and information that are useful in helping you make decisions for what and how you use this amazing product.

It’s one of the few foods that people write books about. Check this one out if you have the time. https://mirandasnotebook.com/blog/wellbeing-seven-wonders-olive-oil.

Talk soon.

The EVOOngelist

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