Extra Virgin Olive Oil | ‘The Red Wine of Oils’ for Your Health

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil is to the oil world, what Red Wine is to wine when it comes to your health. One is the unadulterated juice the olive and one is the fermented juice of the grape. The widely held belief is that a small amount – up to a glass…or two…of red wine each day is good for your heart health amongst other things. The same goes for EVOO. This is due to the high levels of naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants such as polyphenols. As is the case with red wine, it is increasingly asserted by many nutrition and medical professionals, that a small dose of quality EVOO is beneficial as part of a well-balanced lifestyle. Now we aren’t talking 1-2 glasses here; rather a couple of teaspoons equivalent.

Not only are they beneficial to your health, but both are dinner table essentials that lift any meal and social gathering. The respective quality of both the oil and the wine also is important and both are worth paying extra for. One thing that puts some people off Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the cost. I would ascertain that when it comes to value for money, it’s well worth the investment. A reasonable bottle of red wine costs, at say $15-$20. The same goes for a quality bottle of EVOO. The value comes in the fact that a bottle of red wine might be and is usually gone in one sitting, whereas a quality bottle of oil could last 1-2 weeks with regular usage.

So in red wine and quality olive oil, we have a perfect pairing. Both are great for social lubrication and elevating food at any table and are  essential parts of a healthy diet and lifestyle that is also quite frankly pretty fun too!

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