2022’s Best Choice: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Mediterranean Diet

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As we start 2022 and think about being healthier, now is the best time to get more Extra Virgin Olive Oil into your diet. CNN has just released its overview of the best diet choices for the year.  Again ‘The Mediterranean Diet’ comes out on top. It is one that is heavy of fruits, vegtables and whole foods. It is lighter on red meat, heavier on fish and splashed with liberal does of EVOO.  Read the article here:  https://edition.cnn.com/2022/01/04/health/mediterranean-diet-2022-best-diet-wellness/index.html

As Covid-19 continues to challenge humans across the world, now more than ever we need to making better food and lifestyle choices. Choices that reduce inflammation in our system. Choices that help boost our resilience and immunity to the ongoing existence of not only Covid-19, but life’s other ills.

Time to Reset For The Year!

Now is when we all look to reset. To think about what changes are the everyday changes we can all make to improve our physical and mental health. We are all frustrated at a real and perceived loss of control currently. What, when and how we eat is something we can own. The Mediterranean Diet is not only about the food that is eaten, but it also represents the power of shared tables. It celebrates the pleasure of eating good food and taking time to savour it.

I know we don’t all live on an idyllic Greek island or in a seaside town bordering the Mediterranean sea, but most of us have tables and friends and family that we love to share food with.  There are really no excuses to not make small changes and see what works and how you feel after a period of time. Think freshness and colour on your plate, whole foods, healthy fats and you are half way there!

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