Baking With Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Is It Better Than Butter?

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For you keen bakers out there, who have no doubt put your skills to good use over the various lockdowns, if indeed you have been able to get any flour, this is another question that came up a lot at the recent Food Show.

Can I bake with Extra Virgin Olive Oil? The answer is of course yes.

EVOO is a perfectly suitable replacement for butter if you are wanting to for health reasons or follow a plant-based lifestyle as examples.

We provided a couple of yummy samples at the recent Auckland Food Show, whereby we had a couple of delicious chocolate brownies baked by one of our team members, who just happens to be a former pastry chef. One was baked with a Village Press Lemon Infused EVOO and one with a Village Press Chili infused EVOO. Both were delicious, fragrant, moist and surprised many of the foodies with it’s distinct, yet subtle flavour delivery.

As with most things in life, there isn’t a one size fits all answer and there are times where EVOO isn’t appropriate, such as if the recipe requires the creaming of the fat and sugar, or rubbing butter into flour when making pastry is where butter comes into its own, but outside of that give it a go and the rule of thumb is that if the recipe calls for melted butter and you want to swap it out for EVOO, you need only about three-quarters of the amount of oil.

Have fun baking with EVOO and for more detail, see the link attached form the website of the one and only Martha Stewart.


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