The Village Press extra virgin olive oils are the top selling locally produced oils of New Zealand.

Our oils are loved for their freshness, vibrancy and undeniable deliciousness. Our olives are harvested from our family of local growers and cold pressed in small batches at our Hawke's Bay home to capture The Village Press signature freshness of flavour.

We craft a selection of exquisite varietal oils including avocado oil with distinctive characters and intensities so you can choose the perfect oil every time. Or, why not experiment with our ever popular mouthwatering infused oils?

Packed with antioxidants, polyphenols, nutrients and minerals, The Village Press oils are a superior source of life-giving properties and health benefits.
A testament to the quality, our beautiful oils are chosen by New Zealand's top chefs such as Nadia Lim and... You'll also find The Village Press flying high with Air New Zealand's Business Class passengers.

All our oils are certified 'Extra Virgin', Halal and Kosher. They are also vegan and vegetarian friendly.

The Village Press
The Village Press
The Village Press