Gift Voucher


Gifting someone an e-Voucher from The Village Press is quick, easy, super healthy, and user-friendly!

Choose from four amounts ($25, $50, $75, or $100) and the recipient will receive an email that contains a personal message from you, plus details of the value of the e-gift they are receiving and most importantly, a voucher code.

The recipient uses the redemption code at checkout to pay for the order, and if there is any remaining balance, the recipient will need to pay via Visa or MasterCard.  If the whole amount is not used in one order, the balance will remain attached to that e-Voucher code for use at a later date.  Our Free Shipping for orders of $50 applies to purchases made with an e-Voucher.  For instance, if you gift someone $25, and they order a gift pack for $25, they will need to pay the flat rate of $10 for shipping.  If you give $50, and this person orders a total of $50 or more, and use their $50 e-voucher, they will not be charged this $10.00 for delivery.

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When time and ease are of the essence, an electronic gift voucher will bring to joy and delight as much as a parcel of products would.  If it is for saying thanks or Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary, you have four choices of amounts to gift to someone special.

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